Top 3 Physical Benefits of Running Regularly


Running is one of the top physical activities that give tremendous benefits.

It is vigorous particularly advanced running like cross-country running and more dynamic compared to other cardio exercises like walking.

The benefits of running don’t need more introductions, you are looking for ways to lead a healthier lifestyle and improve overall health, and running is good for you.

The benefits of running go beyond physical like mental benefits.

It reduces stress; help release mood-boosting hormones, and clears the mind giving the runner a sharper mental state.

Among the benefits of running, its physical advantages are noticeable as well as the basic.

Other added benefits sprout from the effects of running into the human body.

If you need some motivation to start running, here are the main physical benefits of running.

Fat Reduction and Muscle Toning

Runners posses toned physiques not just in the legs. Running use mostly the legs and arms but it is a full body workout.

You can skip the gym or weights and still have a tone physique especially in the midsection – one of the most difficult muscle groups to tone.

Running digs deep into the muscle to look for stored fats and calories.weigth loss

And when all used up in continuous running routine, what is left is lean muscle giving the body a trim and healthy look.

Those who want to lose weight must consider running.

Running in comparison to low impact exercise increases the reduction of weight.

It burns more calories compared to other cardio exercises like walking and jogging.

Depending on the intensity and runner’s weight, at least 95 calories are burned per hour of walking.

Running is also one fitness exercise that has “afterburn” effect – calories are still burned after running.

Other exercises specifically those for muscle toning like weight lifting does not possess this calorie-burning effect.

As you run, body fat decreases.

The body’s response to fuel running is to look for stored calories, mostly those from fats. As much as 65-95% of stored energy are used and later burned as you run.

Running also boosts your metabolism – the body’s capability to burn more fuel than consumed.

Increase in metabolism is the easiest ways to lose weight and in the contrary, those living in sedentary lifestyles tend to have slower metabolism as the body tries to store fuel more.

As you move in running, it is your body’s reaction to burn more to provide enough fuel to sustain such activity.

Lastly, fat reduction and overall weight management brought by running runs deep into the body system.

The core of losing weight is lowering cholesterol and blood pressure.

This will be elaborated in the following benefit of running.


Lowers Blood Pressures and Improves Overall Cholesterol

Deep down your system, running provides great benefits to your system.

One of them is lowering blood pressure and controlling good cholesterol. Blood pressure and cholesterol are the two main factors that cause heart and cardiovascular diseases.

How does running lower your body’s blood pressure? Your body has two types of cholesterol – low-density lipoprotein (LDL) and high-density lipoprotein (HDL).

If you want to have a normal cholesterol level and blood pressure, you need to decrease your LDL or the “bad” cholesterol while increasing your HDL or” good” cholesterol.

LDL and HDL are found in your blood.

The higher the bad cholesterol, the “thicker” the blood becomes, giving more work to the heart to pump blood.

To properly pump blood and deliver oxygen to your organs, it needs more pressure. The result is high blood pressure.

As you run, your body fuels its enzymes to transfer the LDL from your blood to the liver and convert it into bile.

The bile breaks down food in your digestion including fats and then expelled from the body.

Researches have proven that running lowers your LDL with long distance runners reducing up to 50% of their high blood pressure.

Thus, running is a good cardio routine to follow if you want to lower your cholesterol particularly those who have family histories of high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

Strengthens the Heart and Lungs

Following the benefits of running when it comes to cholesterol and blood pressure is a healthy heart.

Running lowers the risk of various cardiovascular and heart diseases.

As you run, the heart pumps more and stronger. When done regularly as part of fitness routine, heart functions more efficiently in pumping both oxygen and blood.

strong heartThis can be observed during and after running, when the heart beat faster, giving the runner flushed cheeks and more sweat.

Studies reveals than a starting routine of 5 minutes of running at least thrice in a week can give good effects to one of the most vital organs of the body.

Increase that with more intensive running. When physically able to run, running is highly recommended to improve heart condition and overall health.

Another organ that benefits from running are your lungs.

The heart and the lungs work closely thus, great effects to one organ continue to the other.

As an aerobic exercise, it makes the lungs stronger. Just like the heart, running is a spot-on exercise for these organs.

Those who run decrease their risk of contacting respiratory diseases like pneumonia and asthma.

As you run, oxygen is needed to supply the right energy.

With this, the lungs work more to provide such need leading to the increase capacity of the lungs.

Running also trains the lungs to supply adequate oxygen to the muscles, preventing lactic acid build up that causes cramps.

This explains why running is vital for all athletes on training.

There are more physical benefits of running. Running clears the skin by stimulating the release of toxins in the body – specifically in terms of sweat – makes the bones and tendons stronger, among others.

The rewards that the human body enjoys from running are just the starting point to the good effects of running to one’s over-all healthy.

From the physical benefits, running regularly affects mental health of a person. And that makes running one of the best exercise and activity for everyone.

So get out there, get yourself a comfortable pair of running shoes, and get started today!

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