The Top 3 Best Nike Womens Running Shoes

Nike running shoes

Hello again!  As per usual I will show you my top 3 Nike womens running shoes below, but as tradition has it, I want to share with you some information first.

The name Nike needs little introduction, the company has been one of the biggest sensation in the world of sports and if the latest developments are any indication then it will continue to dominate.

Named after the Greek God of Victory, Nike has become a pop culture icon and while they are one of the youngest brands (started circa 1963) the company is already a juggernaut.

Nike is currently valued at $68.98 billion which makes it the largest most valuable sports related brand on the planet.

Their Just Do It philosophy is aptly reflected in the brands performance since its price to book ratio is at 3.4 which means the company is currently doing around 50% better than the rest of its competition.

Like all their products Nike women’s running shoes are the best that you can find in the market and sport the brand’s leading technologies that remain unrivaled for their performance and price.

What Makes Nike Shoes Better than Everyone Else’s

This is a question that is often thrown about on internet chat forums and question answer sites.

The answer may in fact be as simple as raw innovation.

Nike started off as Blue Ribbon Sports when its founders University of Portland Track Coach Bill Bowerman and Phil Knight who was a mid distance runner joined forces to import cheaper high tech running shoes from Japan to compete with the then German dominated market.

Their business went on well until 1970 when Bowerman started to think about improving upon the shoe’s design and performance parameters.

The story of how it began is a legendary one in sports circles (you can read it here)– one morning Bowerman took the family waffle iron and poured rubber into it to make the now famous Nike Waffle Outsole.

From that point on, the company will never be the same, a slew of shoes followed based on the waffle outsole design and their success fueled more and more innovations such as the Nike’s Air technology which made use of gas filled membranes which were inserted into the soles of the shoes to provide cushioning, the Shox technology, which makes use of rubber in the midsole region in order to add greater stability as well as flexibility.

Nike’s Flywire technology was also well received by the market; it made use of strategically placed filaments that work like cables holding a suspension bridge providing support only when needed.

These Flywire filaments can also be used for a minimalistic shoe upper to create even lighter footwear.

Nike Womens Running Shoes

Nike has created products for a wide variety of niches ranging from the trails to the pavement, and each contain features that best benefit their targeted market.

Whether it is their free run line, or just their traditional running shoes, Nike’s shoes are designed to be light, stylish and comfortable.

Their shoes have all the features discussed above and they come in a variety of different colors and designs that will appeal to the fairer sex. Here are some of the top models that are offered by Nike:

Nike Flex Run:

nike flex run 2015









Lightweight, comfortable, flexible and stylish, the Nike Flex Run is a minimalist runner’s dream come true.

The Flex Run comes with a no-sew construction and a new mid foot panel that allows your foot to squarely lock down in place, while remaining comfortable.

Nike has used a lightweight sandwiched mesh in order to ensure that the Flex Run remains breathable and comfortable.

Indeed, the shoe is very well ventilated and it keeps your foot cool and dry.

The Flex grooves in the forefoot region allow full range of motion for your feet.

Given its flexibility, the shoe is ideal for a variety of different activities including cross training, gym workouts and short distance, high intensity running.

The Nike Flex Run offers the following features:

FITSOLE Insole: A removable insole that permits your feet to remain comfortable and well padded.

Phylite Carrier Midsole: Made from a Phylon core, the Phylite midsole material provides your feet with plenty of cushioning to take on any surface with ease.

Carbon Rubber Outsole: For added durability and flexibility.

The Verdict

The Nike Flex Run is no doubt one of the best lightweight running shoes to have hit the market.

Its use of newer materials and novel manufacturing techniques has allowed it to remain lighter, while still being flexible and comfortable to run in.

At its cheap price, you will be hard pressed to find a better shoe for running and cross training.

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Nike Revolution 2:

nike revolution 2




The Nike Revolution 2 from Nike is best described as a multi-purpose shoe that can be used for everything from training daily to moderate intensity runs or even racing.

Nike is responding well to the challenges presented by Brooks and New Balance who are busy releasing shoes that are very well cushioned; the new Revolution 2 uses quite plush support.

The Revolutions 2 is a stability shoe, designed for runners who want a supportive running shoe.

This shoe was built specifically for those who require enhanced cushioning, providing an ultra smooth and comfortable ride.

Check out some of the other newer features that the Revolution 2 carries under the hood:

Breathable mesh upper: A light weight material that provides excellent breath-ability and comfort throughout your entire run.

Leather overlays: For added structural support giving a feeling of great sturdiness.

Articulated full length phylon midsole: Which is very lightweight and delivers a very responsive cushioning.

Waffle Pattern Outsole: Which is environmentally preferred and delivers a light weight cushioning as well as excellent traction.

The Verdict

The Nike Revolution 2 is a high quality running shoe, and the price is insanely low.

You simply will not find a better running shoe at this price point anywhere on the market.

The shoe is light enough to ensure that it does not become bothersome even after tiring 20k runs.

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Nike Flex Experience Run 3:

nike flex










The successor to the Flex Run 2, which has been providing runners with an excellent stride at a very very cheap point for a long time, the Flex Run 3 is a solid upgrade.

These shoes are very comfortable and did not require any amount of break in time. Straight out of the box they felt excellent, providing a very well cushioned feel with non discomfort at all.

In its newest iteration, the Flex Run 3 has become lighter and is now a simplified cushioned shoe.

This shoe has a very comfortable breathable mesh and synthetic upper along with a very well padded tongue and collar.

The Flex Run 3 has a nice soft inner lining and foam insoles that provide a comfortable underfoot fit.

Simply put the Flex Experience Run 3 is an excellent run for long distances or recovery running and at its price, you cannot find a better alternative.

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