Nike Free Run Womens Shoes – Which Ones to Buy!

nike free run

Today we are going to review my top 3 “Nike Free Run” womens running shoes.

Nike Free Run shoes are not just regular running shoes … let me explain!

Running with shoes on is a given these days, however what if you wanted to try it out old school style, and I mean real old school i.e. without having any shoes on at all?

Barefoot running, which is sometimes also known as natural running or minimalism is considered one of the best way to run in order to build up strength and endurance; it may even correct the runner’s style while helping him/her develop a forefoot landing which can help reduce the number of strain related injuries.

In fact some cultures such as the Tarahumara from Mexico still consider it as the only way to run.

These days it is not entirely necessary for you to run barefoot in order to reap its benefits though – with Nike Free Run women’s shoes you can execute jaunts which will feel just as though you were doing them with no footwear whilst keeping your feet comfy and safe.

Why Free Running is Good

As far as running for long distances or at good speeds is considered research studies have suggested that lesser weight on your feet will improve a person’s running efficiency as it forces them to impact the ground differently.

Many barefoot runners say that they find the forefoot gait to be more natural than a heel first strike. (you can learn more about gait here)

This helps to strengthen the Achilles tendons and the foot in general which greatly reduces the risk of injuries from strain.

Minimalist Running Shoes

As you can imagine, free running shoes are much different almost in every aspect than your everyday running shoes.

However, despite its advantages, running barefoot can lead to a higher risk of puncture wounds to your feet, infections or other kinds of injuries which is why you need a solution that will keep its advantages minus the side-effects; you really do not want to be negotiating dirt, rocks, water and sharp objects on the road, these will be a downright impediment of course!

The Nike free run women’s shoes are especially designed keeping this in mind, as do many of the best minimalist running shoes.

Not only are they minimalistic in design, bringing your feet closer to feeling the true pump of running bare feet, but they also carry adequate protection and cushioning so that you do not sustain any injuries.

Their barely there nature will ensure that you can enjoy your run just like you wanted to!

The Best Nike Free Run Womens Shoes

There are quite a few good free run shoes for women that you can find out there, but then there are those which are undoubtedly the best!

Here are three of my most favorite designs that Nike has come out with…

Nike Free 5.0:

nike free5.0








The Free 5.0 ’15 carries the baton over from Nike’s Free Run 5.0 ’14, and I really couldn’t be more excited about giving it a shot!

Ok, so after having tried it on, the first thing I noticed was that while this shoe is being marketed as a minimalist shoe, it actually offers all the comforts of a daily trainer.

The most immediate feature that is visible is the Dynamic Flywire in the lacing system.

This ensures that your feet do not move about while you run – at all!

The shoe is just as flexible and malleable as you will expect a minimalist free running shoe to be, so it can adapt to the shape of your feet without causing any strain.

Back to the cushioning, now you really cannot run much in a minimalist shoe, so that’s also what I was expecting to do when I got these, however I was pleasantly surprised by the generous amount of foam that was present beneath my feet.

Also, Nike has found the correct balance between cushioning and flexibility with this shoe, something that free runners will like.

You can get a feel of the earth while having these on and still run comfortably!

Here are some of the other features that you can expect from the Nike Free 5.0:

  • Breathable Knit Mesh Upper: Allows your feet to stay daisy fresh, even after a tiring run.
  • Flywire-Reinforced Upper: Enhances the shoe’s ventilation.
  • Molded Foam Insole: Provides excellent comfort on most terrain types.
  • Hexagonal Flex Grooves: Given on the outsole region, they allow your feet to move more naturally.

The Verdict

I have to say, the Free 5.0 really took me by surprise.

I was not expecting such a good response from a minimalist shoe.

It’s very well padded and you can seriously consider using these for long runs, cross training sessions or gym based workouts.

Since the shoe has a lower heel, your feet are coaxed into a mid-foot strike, which is something that I truly appreciate.

The Nike Free 5.0 is available at an attractive price for the comfort and durability that it offers.

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Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 5:

nike tr fit 5










The Nike Free 5.0 TR Fit 5 offers outstanding support and internal comfort.

Its upper is designed with lightweight mesh coupled with very few seams enhancing multidirectional flexibility that allows for excellent natural range of motion.

Since it is has few seams, the upper is even more comfortable than anything else in the market as it does not cause any irritation.

I was particularly impressed with its Free Outsole that enhances traction and allow you to execute a full range of motion.

During my trials of the Free 5.0 TR Fit 5, I noticed that the shoe had a structure which promoted effortless movement and allowed the foot to go from one stride to the next with utter ease.

Its heel counter is excellently padded while still giving plenty of flexibility for a very natural motion.

The “comfort tongue” is made of layers of sandwich mesh which reduces lace pressure and lays flat on top of the foot.

Finally the Free TR Fit 5 comes with a heel pocket that any type of heel shape for a perfect fit.

Being one of the better Nike free run women’s shoes out there, I highly recommend the Free TR FIT 5 to any woman who wants to enjoy a great running experience.

It is a very cheaply priced shoe and given its uncompromising build quality, I dare say you can find something better at this price.

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Nike Free 5.0 V4:

nike free 5.0 V4










Weighing only 8.6 ounces, the Nike Free 5 V4 lends the impression that you are not wearing anything at all when you put them on.

No need to panic though, know that your feet are out fitted with the best gear that you can get.

These Nike free run womens shoes are made out of a microfiber synthetic material (used primarily in the upper) which can envelope your foot easily without causing any strain or ill fitting whatsoever.

When I put them on, I was immediately taken by their soft foam pads installed under the heel and the forefoot which are accentuated by the Phylite midsole attachment; all of which gives a feeling of utter comfort and stability which is hard to compare, honestly!

The Free 5 V4’s outsole comes with deep flex grooves which are cut horizontally as well as vertically to give you as much response as possible so that your feet move fast and properly.

This particular Nike free run women’s shoe is designed keeping running comfort in mind and by golly it delivers on it!

The Free 5.0 V4 is also cheaply priced and if you want to experience minimalism, give it a shot.

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Nike running shoes are quite possibly the best known on the market, and their free line is certainly living up to the expectations.

We talked a lot of the Nike Free run line of shoes in this review, if you would like to learn more about Nike Free run shoes check this out.
Talk to ya soon!


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