Brooks Running Shoes for Women – The Top 3

brooks running shoes for women

Hello all.  I have fallen in love with Brooks running shoes, and today I want to talk with you about about Brooks running shoes for women!

As usual, I will reveal my top 3 Brooks running shoes of all time, but first a little info for you to read over!

Founded in 1914, Brooks Running Shoes is one of the oldest companies of its type in the world. The manufacturer has been responsible for some of the best most renowned shoes, apparel and sports accessories that have been introduced to the market.

Their presence spans over 40 countries worldwide and they continue to invest in the creation of footwear that can help people run better and faster.

Brooks running shoes for women incorporate within them some of the latest and most versatile materials and technologies helping them to run more comfortably.

Brooks greatly prides itself over the range of products that it creates.

It chooses not to define itself as just a shoe or an apparel company, the organization is committed to running itself. It prides itself over being associated with an activity which is perhaps the most addictive sport in the world and can trace its history all the way back to the dawn of time.

The company makes running apparel for kids, men, women, newbie and veterans.

Brooks Continuing Performance

Through constant innovation and perfection, Brooks has today earned itself a reputation for being one of the most successful running brands on the planet.

While they have been constantly offering a slew of different innovations very frequently, its best time has been during the past few years. In 2001, Brooks got a new CEO – Jim Webber, who changed the company’s perspective to performance running shoes and gear.

The distribution was also narrowed down to the top running and specialty retailers.

This decision has obviously been a good one as since then the company has expanded by heaps and bounds and their success is very evident.

Since 2009, Brooks has made a leap in sales from $180 million in 2009 to $409 in 2012. This year (i.e. 2013) the company is expected to cross the $500 million mark. Brooks currently stands at the number three position in the US performance running market with a share of 11.8%, behind only Nike which leads with 40% and Asics which owns 24.3% of the pie (source:

More and more elite runners are fast turning to Brooks and Webber says that a greater number of people were wearing Brooks gear in the Boston Marathon last year than Nike’s.

The company has made listening to the feedback that they get from runners a top priority as they are the market that they are catering to now.

The Brooks Ideology

Running has always been a sport which is practiced with some seriousness; runners often go out of their way to achieve their weekly quota of miles, which can turn the exercise into a somewhat tedious and laborious activity, which require a good quality pair of running shoes.

Brooks thus decided to add a measure of liveliness to their brand by operating under the tag line – “run happy”.

With this idea, Brooks has attempted to make running something enjoyable again and most of its marketing and promotion is designed around it. Their Run Happy events always have AC equipped toilets placed conveniently between miles.

The Brooks marketing team itself is always around wearing t-shirt tuxedos while the area is covered with linens, red carpets and mints.

Brooks constantly tries to make the event as enjoyable as possible; persons who buy enough products and merchandise from their booth are even given access to their high end restrooms!

Brooks might be compared to Volkswagen in the sense that they have good, high tech engineering in their products but the brand also has fun as a part of its design and policy.

My Top 3 Brooks Running Shoes for Women

Here are some great selections from the Brooks line exclusively for women that we feel will do your feet justice when you are out pounding the pavement…

The Brooks Ariel 14:

ariel 14










The Brooks Ariel 14 is the successor to the runners oh so favorite Brooks Ariel.

Along with its masculine version the Beast 14, the Ariel 14 is the best control shoe that you can find, period.

It comes with a wider overlay, extra midsole wrap and a sturdier upper to support the foot even better.

These changes have added about 28 grams to the shoe but have made the shoe very supportive. The Ariel 14 is perfect for people with a moderate to severe pronation.

Over pronation happens when the runner hits the ground with the lateral part of the heel which causes uneven weight distribution that can in turn increase the chances of injury.  This is also known as flat feet.

With its synthetic mesh upper, the shoe is perfect for running in soggy conditions while its padded tongue and collar add a greater degree of comfort to your jaunt.

Brooks has incorporated their DNA technology to give added protection from impact to the shoes as well.

The Brooks Ariel 14 is quite honestly a steal considering all the features that it has to offer.

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Brooks Adrenaline GTS 15:

adrenaline gts 15







The new Adrenalin GTS 15 from Brooks is every bit as comfortable as its predecessor the GTS 14 and it carries over the torch from them in style.

These are my new all time favorite Brooks running shoes!

It has everything that Brooks fans have come to expect from the Adrenalin series, and then some more.

Scoring high on comfort, stability, flexibility and cushioning, the Adrenalin is perfect for everyday runs, and cross training as well.

The shoe’s upper is constructed from Air mesh and synthetic materials, which allows it to be breathable without adding weight to it. The material also allows the shoe to dry off quickly.

Brooks has also added a brand new lacing system that allows the lace pressure to be more evenly distributed so that your feet remain comfortable, and fit properly.

Many runners have reported that the shoe allowed them to run for a noticeably longer period before feeling fatigued.

The Brooks Adrenalin GTS 15 brings with it the following features:

  • Caterpillar Crashpads: Brook’s proprietary technology gives you the feeling that you are running with a cloud under your feet.
  • Full Length BioMOGO: Brooks BioMOGO midsole material is far lighter than EVA, and is even more durable. The material is less affected by temperature variations and the foam’s rigidity does not fluctuate in either high or low temperature.
  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar: PDRB as it is known makes the foot to align properly using two materials that are hardened differently.

The Verdict

It is clear that Brooks has implemented minor changes in design in the GTS15, and that is for the best.

It is hard to improve upon what is already a perfect design. As the GTS15 has urethane arch shanks in place, it adds greater stability than other stability shoes out there.

At its price, you really cannot go wrong with this brooks running shoe for women, so highly recommended!

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Brooks Addiction 11:

brooks addiction 10










Is made for runners with low to flat arches.

Successor to the tremendously popular addiction 10, the Brooks Addiction 11 sports a plethora of technologies that help you to control your strides with more precision.

Its ultra stabilizing midsole provides balance like few other shoes can offer and Brooks proprietary DNA technology helps to disperse the shock of each impact helping you to protect your feet and legs from injury.

Brooks DNA works in tandem with their BioMoGo cushioning system which is a groundbreaking new technology that can help you to run more comfortably Its breathable upper is made with a synthetic mesh and it features an internal support saddle to keep the foot secured in its place.

The Brooks Addiction 11 is priced very attractively, making it one of the most feature rich low priced shoes.

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