The Best Running Shoes for High Arches

running shoes for high arches

High arches is a common problem among us, and today I will be revealing the top 3 best running shoes for high arches.  This will include a pair for small, medium, and larger budgets, and of course my personal favorite.

While flat feet get all the attention in sports columns and medical pep talk, these are actually not as common as high arches.

Also called pes cavus, high arches make it hard for your feet to distribute the weight of your body making it painful (far more so than flat feet) to walk, jog or run.

So, if you have a high arch, does that mean you’re doomed?

Far from it, there are plenty of running shoes for high arches out there that can help you to offset the imbalance that your foots design has created and help you run just as well as a person with a normal arch will.

What Causes High Arches?

High arches are not properly understood, and the general consensus among researchers points to the fact that they may be caused by hereditary, or due to natural orthopedic, neuromuscular or even neurological conditions.

Weaker leg muscles can also cause tension to build up in your plantar and Achilles tendons causing your arch to deform.

High arches usually lead to supination or under-pronation which means that your feet roll outwards when you move them which cause the weight of your body to accumulate towards the outer edges of the feet.

Pronation is your foot’s natural inward movement when you walk or run.

So if it overdoes this, then it can lead to pain in the knee and lower back. If your arch is overly pronounced, then it may even require surgery.

However, in most cases, special running shoes for high arches can help you to overcome the issue sufficiently.

The best running shoes for high arches will thus offer features such as motion control, stability and support to correct the problem.

These shoes are often better cushioned than regular shoes so that the stress produced by doing regular or strenuous activities can be compensated.

So, which are some of the best womens running shoes for high arches that you can find in the market today?

The Top 3 Best Running Shoes for High Arches

Brooks Ariel 14 (Larger Budget)

brooks ariel 2014









Successor to the crowd favorite Brooks Ariel the Ariel 14 is a decent upgrade.

Offering outstanding stability based on tried and tested technologies, the Ariel 14 has received widespread acclaim from amateur, professional and occasional runners alike.

The Brooks Ariel 14 along with its men’s version – the Beast comes with an extensive medial post which is made out of firm rubber, and has Brook’s proprietary Rollbar technology which do a great job helping you to control your pronation, and provide you with a good gait.

The shoe’s upper is constructed out of robust materials and the support technology given in the shoe can easily support large framed feet.

The best feature that the Ariel 14 has to offer is that while the shoes have some of the best motion control technology within them, they still have a very cushy feel to them, almost as if you were running on a cloud!

This is very much different from the “bricky” feel that the motion control shoes of the previous generation came with.

The Ariel 14 also comes with a plastic shank for medial support and can help all but the most severe over-pronators.

Here are some of the features that the Ariel 14 has to offer:

  • Full Length DNA Layout: Brooks has provided their DNA layout throughout the length of the Ariel 14 and it does a fine job helping you control your foot strikes. Brook’s proprietary DNA technology uses what engineers call a non-Newtonian liquid to provide your feet with the required cushioning to overcome its pronation issues.
  • Padded Tongue and Collar: For greater comfort.
  • Full Length BioMoGo: An environmentally friendly, long lasting cushioning compound.
  • DRB ACCEL: A mid foot shank constructed from stiffer material for better medial support and uses lighter material for lateral support.

The Verdict

The Brooks Ariel 14 is a great women’s running shoe for high arches and for those of us who suffer from them.

If this is you, then by all means, get them, you really will not be disappointed.

If you have a little extra cash laying around, then this shoe is a must have!

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Asics Gel Kayano 21 (Medium Budget)

asics gel kayano21









The Gel Kayano 21 is the successor to the fan favorite Gel Kayano 20, and it is a great upgrade.

For nearly 20 years, the Gel Kayano from Asics has been a favorite amongst runners and walkers, thanks to its cushioning and excellent support features.

The latest version offers all the features that made the previous versions so popular, plus some additional features that make it even better at providing a better ride.

The shoe is extremely well padded with two layers of foam which gives the runner a very cushy ride and has been for 2 decades one of the most famous design amongst runners.

The shoe is voluminous and spacious enough to accommodate broad feet making it comfortable to put on.

The midsection easily wraps up your feet and cradles it properly so that your feet remain in place and do not slip on the foot-bed.

Here are some of the features that the Kayano 21 offers:

Fluidfit Upper Technology: Asics proprietary technology uses multi-directional stretch mesh which can adapt to the wearer’s feet.

Dynamic DuoMax Support: Enhances stability and support while reduces the weight of the shoe.

Heel Clutching Support: An exoskeletal heel counter that provides your heel with unprecedented support and stability.

Guidance Trusstic System: This trusstic system enhances your gait efficiency while providing mid-foot structural integrity.

The Verdict

The shoe does an excellent job supporting your feet, and will last you for a long time.

The cushioning in the Kayano 21 is, however, peerless and can help you to run much better if you suffer from high arches.

In my opinion, as well as a ton of others, this shoe is a must have!

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Saucony Ride 7 (Smaller Budget)

saucony ride 7









The Ride 7 from Saucony is a running shoe that is great for high arches, as it is made around extreme cushioning and superior support.

This is something you will notice right away.

In this shoe, Saucony has opted for Power Grid which is 15% lighter and 30% more durable than its previous ProGrid system, and it is excellent at keeping your foot centered as well as absorbing shock and impact.  This means that your ride will be very very smooth in these running shoes.

Here are some of the salient features that the Saucony Ride 7 has to offer:

  • Molded EVA ComfortLite Sockliner: This technology not only does a great job of reducing pressure points on your forefoot, it also offers excellent support by contouring extremely well to your foot.
  • Super Rebound Cushioning Impact Zone: Eliminates shock from impact, promoting an even smoother ride.
  • iBR+ Rubber Outsole: Provides 3X the amount of cushioning as the old system and is 33% lighter in weight that standard rubber commonly used.

The Verdict

The Ride from Saucony is one of the best shoes that the company offers and the long list of praises that the company has received for making this winner stand for themselves.

Saucony has invested the greatest amount of time and money to perfect the design in Ride 7 and the moment you put it on, it shows!

You can find the Ride 7 for a very fair price.

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