The Top 3 Best Running Shoes For Flat Feet

flat feetHello, Myla back again and today I am going to share with you some important information for those who have flat feet.

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It can be hard and confusing to find a great pair of shoes to accommodate this issue and provide you with a comfortable ride.

After test driving countless shoes, I have come up with some pairs that you will defiantly want to try out if you are facing this problem.

As usual, I will reveal my top 3 best running shoes for flat feet, as well as point out my all time favorite.

First some important information you need to know!

The construction of our feet has a lot to do with how we run; for instance, the foot arch, which is formed by the tarsal and the metatarsal bones is a natural spring like mechanism that helps to cushion the impact of running and even supports the entire body weight that gets greatly exaggerated while you are out pounding the pavement or negotiating a trail.

The height of the foot’s arch determines your feet type and how much it pronates, which is an outward opening of the heel as we walk or run.

Pronation is what permits the body to balance itself properly while you are moving and ensuring that it does so properly is pivotally important.

While a regular arch is ideal for running as it creates the support needed in order to run with proper balance, an arch which is too low can cause the person to over-pronate, resulting in injuries.

Persons whose feet have no arch are said to be flat footed, therefore they will require a different pair of running shoes other than regular running shoes.

The Dynamics of Running

Every person has a gait (style of running/walking) which they develop because of their habits, body construction and the shape of their feet.

When you start to run, the heel of the foot in front of you will strike the ground first, after which the arch rolls over and flattens.

The foot then pronates which is what generates the spring like tension required to propel the next step.

Doing this properly and without over extending or over pronating is symptomatic of good running. As running puts nearly 3 times your body weight on the feet, an insufficient arch can lead to a great deal of stress on the tendons around the ankle and the muscles on the forefoot region.

Runners with flat feet thus will have to be really careful when they are out choosing a running shoe for them.

Shoe companies have been looking into the matter for the past 20 years and have developed various technologies which can help a runner with flat feet to run comfortably and properly.

Running shoes come in 3 different formats depending on the runner’s gait. These are –

  • Stability: These shoes are ideal for runners with a natural, well formed arch and a neutral gait. They have adequate cushioning and enough padding to make running comfortable while still keeping the shoe light.
  • Support: These shoes are designed for runners who overpronate while they run. They offer greater cushioning and are designed such that the weight is distributed according to the runner’s foot size and construction. Support shoes are what you require if you are flat footed or have an insufficiently developed arch.
  • Control: These types of shoes are designed for persons with extreme pronation or those who supinate, in which the leg opens inwards instead of outwards.

Both support and control shoes have medial posts of dual density foam which is installed at the mid foot region of the shoe and in some cases extended right up to the heel.

This added layer of foam is what gives the required support so that the weight of the body is distributed properly.

How to Know if You Are Flat Footed

There are three foot types, based on the height of your foot’s arch and this can be determined with a wet test.

Start by pouring some water in a shallow pan, now wet the sole of your feet and step it onto a heavy paper or a shopping bag, or anything which can leave a good impression.

Next, step of it and look at the water imprint that was left on it.

  • If you are flat footed, then the shape of your mid foot region will be pretty broad,
  • If the mid feet region is around 1 inch across, then you have a natural arch. And,
  • If it is too narrow, then you have a high arch.

Persons with a high arch are prone to suppination; while those with a flat arch will almost always overpronate.

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Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet

As we said above, many shoe companies are offering shoes which are ideal for flat footed persons. Here are three of the best that you can find in the market:

Brooks Ariel 14:





The Brooks Ariel 14 is my new personal favorite shoe for those with flat feet.

The Brooks Ariel 14 is the successor to the very popular Brooks Ariel.

The Ariel had over 500 5 star reviews, and the Ariel 14 is an upgrade that packs more features and amazing support for those of us with flat feet.

Ever since they came out with the vantage model in the 1970s, Brooks have become renowned for providing high quality shoes for people who are suffering from over-pronation.

Brooks was the first company to introduce the Varus wedge in the midsole in order to stop a foot from over-pronating.

They followed that up with their Chariot which was straight up designed for runners with large frames and susceptible to over pronation.

This shoe was later updated and has come to be known as the Beast.

The shoe was very well received, which prompted Brooks to come out with a ladies version of the shoe.

Of course, naming a women’s shoe as “Beast” seemed a little weird, so Brooks called it Ariel, which offered all the bells and whistles of its masculine brethren, in a cuter package.

In order to ensure that plenty of support is available, the shoe carries within it not only plenty of firm rubber, but also diagonal roll bar, which is a plastic device that is designed especially for preventing over-pronation from occurring.

Everything about the Ariel reeks of heft, and it’s clearly designed for runners who have a wide frame.

However, the Beast and the Ariel are not the only ones that have motion control, but unlike other similar shoes out there, these actually offer a very comfortable ride, thanks to generous usage of cushioning material.

Some of the Ariel’s 14 features include:

  • Padded Tongue and Collar: For extra comfort.
  • Redesigned Upper: that is made from a very comfortable breathable mesh and featherweight synthetic materials that wrap around your foot for a glove like fit.
  • Updated BioMoGo Midsole: A long lasting cushioning compound that has been upgraded and is also environmentally friendly.
  • Progressive Diagonal Rollbar: Helps you execute a smooth ride by assisting the heel to toe transition, and also helping you stop from over-pronating.
  • Omega Flex Grooves: Strategically placed and promotes an extremely natural forefoot movement and overall fluidity while running.

The Verdict

Brooks has defiantly came up with a phenomenal upgrade to the Ariel.

The Ariel 14 offers everything that you could want to stop your feet from rolling too much and ensure that your gait remains proper.

For the features that the Ariel 14 offers, and its price, those with flat feet cannot go wrong with this running shoe. Highly recommended!

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Nike Lunarglide 6:

lunar 6










If you are looking for a comfortable shoe that fits like a glove and allows you to run faster, then the Lunar Glide 6 from Nike is an excellent starting point.

Successor to the fan favorite Lunar Glide+ 5, the Lunar Glide 6 is a great upgrade.

Everything about the shoe seems like it was built from the ground up for a pampering run, in fact it is highly doubtful that you will ever develop any blisters on your feet, regardless of how hard you push yourself (of course that is unless you are not running properly).

Being a stability shoe, it offers the perfect ensemble of stability, lightness and good flowing transition from heel to toe for over-pronators.

The LunarGlide 6’s sole is made from Nike’s Lunarlon platform and many runners out there are of the opinion that the Glide 6 is the finest example sporting this technology.

The shoe’s upper continues Nike’s theme for the LunarGlide series i.e. comfort and good fit, everything here seems to make the runner feel as if he/she was running with a cloud under the feet.

The shoe laces are well made and never put any undue pressure anywhere on the foot, regardless of how tight you may pull them.

Here are some of the features that the Nike LunarGlide 6 comes with:

  • Flywire Nylon Mesh Upper: Nike’s proprietary technology, which uses thin nylon threads within the shoe wraps around the foot, providing a glove like fit and ventilation where it is most required. The Flywire nylon mesh is also extremely adaptable, which can mold itself to the runners feet shape.
  • Dynamic Support: Designed to provide support without needing to add weight. Dynamic Support uses a floating clip which creates better aid for moderate to high pronators.
  • Angled Dual Density Support Midsole: A foam midsole that reverses pronation early in the foot strike and provides extreme stability.

The Verdict:

The LunarGlide 6 from Nike is perfect for long distance running, mostly because of the higher quantity of foam that is within it.

This is a good running shoe that thrives on comfort and support for flat feet.

If you have a medium budget, then this is the shoe you want to get.

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Saucony Stabil CS3:

saucony stabil




The Saucony Stabil CS3 is the successor to the very popular Stabil CS2.

Since the CS2, Saucony has trimmed down the profile which resulted in a lighter weight running shoe, as well as updated their cushioning and support systems.

This combines the best features of a support and a neutral shoe in one, to offer one of the best stability shoes that you can get.

These running shoes are made for those with flat feet and it is clear from the get go that they were made with cushion, support, and stability in mind.

This shoe comes with an excellent mesh upper with synthetic overlays that provide great support and is very breathable.

Because the shoe is of a slim design, it is ideal for both daily training and long distance running.

Even when the shoe is light weight, it still provides adequate protection from rocks and uneven terrain.

Important features that the Saucony Stabil CS3 offers:

  • Sauc-Fit: This is a system that locks your midfoot correctly over the midsol while keeping your heel securely in its place.
  • HydraMax: A moisture wickening collar lining that provides extra cushion for a better all around feel and fit to your foot.
  • Full Length PowerGrid: This technology will keep your foot centered while absorbing the shock of each foot strike, ultimately providing you with a very smooth ride.
  • Support Frame: Built specifically to keep your heel locked in place allowing the other features to work to their max potential.
  • ComfortLite Sockliner: Provides great arch support and molds to your foot perfectly.

The Verdict

With all the new hyped footwear that is hitting the market, one might be forgiven to overlook the Saucony Stabil CS3, in fact it looks no different from an ordinary sneaker.

However make no mistake, Saucony has a real winner here and the shoe packs a lot of punch despite its rather modest exteriors.

Saucony has totally redesigned the shoe with new padding which both reduces its weight and gives all the cushioning that a runner (realistically) requires.

If your budget is a little on the higher side, and you have flat feet, this shoe is a must have for your next run.

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