The Top 3 Best New Balance Women’s Running Shoes

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Hello, its me Myla back again, and today I am going to share with you my top 3 best New Balance womens running shoes.

As usual I will be making recommendations for smaller budgets, medium budgets, and larger budgets as well as pointing out my all time favorite!

First, I want to talk to you about what makes new balance stand out among the crowd when it comes to running shoes for women.

As we creep up on the warmer months of the year we are seeing a plethora of new offerings from all the major shoe makers.

New refinements to existing technologies and better shoe designs are creating a very competitive environment where only the end consumers are the real victors.

There are new trends too; the minimalist shoes market is beginning to go down, with more and more people asking for shoes that offer both excellent running comfort and a natural stride.

The thing with running shoes is that one runner’s bread and butter footwear can be another’s avoidance, which makes finding out the best running shoes for women hard. Even so, there are some shoes out there which most runners seem to agree upon.

Let’s take a look into what makes a running shoe truly desirable, and which products foot the bill.

Many readers here will know that I am long standing fan of New Balance women’s shoes, they are almost perfect in their execution, and are about as comfortable as shoes can get.

There are also quite a few New Balance running shoes for women currently doing the rounds in the market that has me very excited!

Why New Balance Running Shoes For Women?

A running shoe has to get a lot of things right, after all running can get pretty strenuous after a while and the chances of an injury occurring if you do not do it properly are just too great to ignore.

Running shoes are a lot different from your typical walking shoe, and yes, they are not the same as a sneaker either. Running shoes themselves are classed as either road running shoes, or trail running shoes.

Road running shoes, as the name suggests are best used for pavement pounding, these are light and have modest cushioning, enough for a terrain that is not too uneven or jagged.

Trail running shoes on the other hand are better used for running in the great outdoors. These have extra padding, waterproofing and better, more rugged outsole designs so that they can take any punishment dished out to them with impunity.

Women’s New Balance running shoes as I have found out, almost always get it right.

Their shoes are comfortable to wear and do what they are intended to do very well.

While I will not say that all of their shoes are spot on, many of them have found a cult following after they were released.

Some of the newer features that New Balance has come up with and been inculcating into their shoes includes their Abszorb technology, that adds peerless cushioning to the midsole, FantomFit, which is a skeletally engineered upper that provides an ultra light support and fit.

Finally, their REVlite midsole is 30% lighter than competing materials and yet provides the same level of performance.

New Balance running shoes for women definitely have a great fan following out there, and some of their shoes are extremely popular among female runners.

Here are the Top 3 Best New Balance Running Shoes for Women:


New Balance WT10V2: (Medium Budget)










These particular women’s running shoes caught my attention when I was out looking for footwear that was ideal for my sister, who was looking for something lightweight and on the minimalist side.

After hounding through reviews online and also asking around a lot, I decided to check out the WT10V2 in my nearby shoe shop with her.

My sister’s first impressions were that they were definitely comfortable and the way they felt on her feet is the exact feeling she was looking for.

Over the next few days, my sister went out on several long runs wearing her WT10V2. and she has fallen in love with them.

The WT10V2 has all the usual refinements that avid runners have come to expect in a women’s New Balance running shoe.

Here are some key features of this shoe:

ACTEVA Midsole Cushioning: 12% lighter than standard foam and yet provides exceptional resistance to compression and fabulous cushioning.

Vibram outsole: that delivers great traction and maximum surface contact across all terrains.

Breathable fabric lining: that includes an anti-microbial treatment that promotes an excellent next to skin feel.

Molded heel cup: that provides extreme comfort and a snug sock like fit.


These shoes have a lot going on under the hood that gives the runner a smooth ride, and can stand up to the toughest running conditions.

These shoes are built to last a long time, are very comfortable, and feel very light on your feet.

This is an excellent running shoe for those that are on a smaller budget.

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New Balance W 940v2: (Larger Budget)

new balance w940v2









We have arrived at my new all time favorite New Balance womens running shoe!

I fell in love with these shoes the minute I put them on my feet.

Featuring a fully synthetic, breathable upper, the W 940v2 is my favorite go to running shoe when I want something light on my feet.

It features supreme cushioning, excellent support, and provides a very smooth ride.

Its N2 low to the ground cushioning technology gives it even better cushioning and its blown rubber out-sole gives it a grip unlike any other.

Here are some of the best features of the New Balance W 940V2:

Here are some of the key characteristics of this womens running shoe:

Open mesh uppers – containing synthetic overlays that promote extreme breath-ability and support.

Full-Length Abzorb Strobel Board – This does a great job of absorbing shock and promoting a smooth ride.

N2 low-to-the-ground cushioning technology – a low profile system that is very durable, responsive, and sustainable.

Medicare/HCPCS code A5500 diabetic shoe


The shoes are really springy in feel and each stride feels “assisted”.

The toe box is sufficiently wide leaving plenty of room for movement, without making it feel dangly.

This New Balance running shoe is a must have for those on a medium budget.

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New Balance Wx711: (Smaller Budget)

new balance wx711









Trendy, high tech and with oodles of comfort, the WX711 from New Balance are possibly the best cross training shoes in the market.

Having been a fan of New Balance shoes for a long time, I can safely say that these are one of the best New Balance womens running shoes I have ever owned.

Unlike most other cross training shoes that I have come across that have a tendency to be bulky and over-weight, these are far lighter flexible.

This is due to the design of the shoe that uses minimal material in its construction, and breathable mesh fabric.

New Balance has incorporated many of its latest technologies into the WX711 as well.

For instance, the shoe has a good quality heel cushion that offers outstanding support and is comfortable as well.

However, there is a noticeable lack of arch support so if you are an over pronator, then you might want to use orthotics with these shoes.

Also, I will not recommend them for long walking sessions as the lack of arch support begins to take its toll on the feet after a while.

On the other hand, there are no better shoes out there for exercises of short duration and high intensity.

Here are the main features that this shoe has to offer:

Synthetic Mesh Upper: Breathable and lightweight, a synthetic mesh upper will allow you to carry out your workouts in comfort.

8 mm Drop: A lower heel to toe drop allows the runner to land on the mid-foot making the gait better. While most shoes out there will have a heel to toe drop of 12mm and above, the WX711’s 8mm drop gives it an advantage.

Forefoot Flex Groves: For added flexibility, a must for those strenuous cross-training sessions. As cross training requires you to execute different maneuvers quickly, your shoe needs to be as flexible as possible and the WX711 offers just that.

Cush+ Midsole: For the most comfortable fit ever!

The Verdict

While there are many other dedicated cross training shoes out there, the WX711 is one of the most comfortable pairs on the market.

I highly recommend this New Balance running shoe for women whose budget may be a little smaller, but still want an excellent quality running shoe!

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