Asics Gel Nimbus for Women – Like Running on Clouds!

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Hi, it’s me again!

I want to talk to you about an amazing running shoe!  The Asics Gel Nimbus women’s running shoe … woot!

Comfort while performing a demanding activity like running is important, not only does comfortable footwear ensure that the wearer does not get inflicted with injuries, but it can also help you increase the length of your workout sessions.

In this review, we will be solely focusing on women’s Asics Gel Nimbus shoes which are some of the most pleasant to put on footwear that you can purchase in the market.

Choosing The Right Running Shoes

Now while most of the stores out there will have staff to help you select the right running shoe for yourself, you will be much farther than the game if you already have some points cleared up.

Here they are in a nutshell:

Running Shoes Come In Two Varieties: That’s right, if you thought you were fairly learned knowing the difference between running and walking shoes, you still have some learning to do!

  • Road Running Shoes: Are designed for pavement pounding, or for some occasional trail running. These are fairly light and very flexible, allowing you to negotiate uneven paths, hard surfaces and woodchip trails with ease.


  • Trail Running Shoes: These are only a little bit different from road running shoes in that they are more fortified.These shoes bring with them better, ruggedized outsoles which can take punishment with impunity, advanced breathable waterproofing materials such as Gore-Tex within the shoe for keeping your feet free from moisture and high tech uppers that keep your feet cozy. If you are a persistent trail runner and routinely go through rocks, mud, water and pockmarked grounds then go for these.

Know Your Foot

There are a few things about the shape of your foot that you must peg down before you can start to buy shoes; after all they are supposed to fit them.

The hollowed out region at the palm of your foot is called the arch and these come in three different types – high arch, normal arch and flat arch.

These different arch types respond differently to your strides, each time you take a step, your foot automatically rolls inwards and flattens to cushion the weight, this process is called pronation.

A normal arch will pronate just enough to stabilize the stride, people with flat foot on the other hand cause experience overpronation which can lead to injuries.

People with higher arches tend to suppinate which is the opposite of pronation (i.e. feet rolling outwards) and this can cause a lot of stress buildup in the lower part of the foot.

A staff member in a shoe store can help you find out what kind of an arch you have, however you can also do a wet test to do so.

Simply put your foot in a bucket of water and then onto a large piece of card board or towel.

See the print you make, you have a normal arch if the middle region of the print has a mid section a few centimeters in width. Similarly, you have a high arch if this region is very narrow and you are flat footed if the mid region your foot is large.

Why Get Asics Gel Nimbus For Women

With that settled let’s take a look at why you absolutely need to get yourself one of these!

Now I know that it is not conventional to write out a recommendation even before having written out why, but I really believe that these shoes are worth it.

The Gel Nimbus from Asics is rightly named, from the moment you put it on, you feel that you have a pair of soft silken pillows under your feet.

The shoe comes with a lot of foam and gel that is expertly put to ensure that any path can be traversed with luxurious ease.

Women’s Asics Gel Nimbus 15

asics gel nimbus 15










Asics listened to their fans and have introduced version 15 of their famous Gel Nimbus line. The Gel Nimbus 15 is the successor to the extremely popular Gel Nimbus 14.

The new shoe keeps all the features that were well received by the market and adds some more to the foray.

The changes added to the new Asics Gel Nimbus for women include a brand new upper, more flexible forefoot which allows for a better, smoother heal to toe transition and a stiff heel counter helps to lock the foot in place.

Here are some of the features of this running shoe:

  • Deeper Flex Grooves In The Outsole: This feature is what allows the women’s Asics Gel Nimbus 15 to remain one of the most flexible shoes in the market, even more than version 14.


  • Extra Gel In The Midsole: This is what the “Gel” in the shoe’s name stands for; Asics has left virtually nothing to want as far as cushioning is concerned in the Nimbus. The shoe can take on any mileage that you can throw at it and does so without resulting in any discomfort, regardless of the time and distance covered.


  • More Memory Foam In The Upper: Asics has made it very clear that they want the runner to feel as comfortable as possible and have thus incorporated plenty of memory foam in the shoe’s upper. The overlays in the new Nimbus are smaller than in previous version; however there is no visible weight loss visible from it.

The Verdict

The Nimbus 15 like its previous version is a comfortable shoe with even more flexibility.

With more than an inch thick forefoot, this shoe is all that you will need to make it through those trying training sessions with relative ease.

The shoe is simply magical and its features make it as close as you can come to feeling like running with velvet strapped to your feet!

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Women’s Asics Gel Nimbus 16

gel nimbus 16










Now the latest and best for last …

The Gel Nimbus 16 from Asics which is the successor to the Gel Nimbus 15, is one of the best neutral training shoes on the market today.

After putting it on, I was immediately able to tell about the generous amount of foam that was present throughout the shoe, and the stability was amazing.

Here are some of the newer features that this shoe comes with:

  • Fluidfit upper technology: that uses stretch mesh and stretch reinforcements to promote a glove like fit on your foot.


  • Plus 3: which is specific to females and eliminates achilles tension.


  • Guidance trustic system: The women’s Asics Gel Nimbus has a groove which runs through the entire length of the out-sole (called Guidance Line) which is designed to help you execute each stride properly.


  • Fluidride Midsole technology: that uses a two-layer construction blending luxurious light weight cushioning with a bouncy under foot as well as extreme durability.
  • Heel clutching system: constructed of an exoskeletal hell counter and enables an amazing fit as well as pumps up the support.

The Verdict

The women’s Asics Gel Nimbus 16 is a winner if you are looking for a comfortable running shoe.

Asics has defiantly improved from the Gel Nimbus 15, which was an extremely popular running shoe.

The Gel Nimbus is a must have for women who are serious runners!

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