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Hello, Myla here again … Today I am going to share with you my top 3 best running shoes for women!

Before you buy your next pair of women’s running shoes STOP right now and read this.

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There is some very important information that you need to know before purchasing your next pair of running shoes.

Below I will reveal my top 3 best running shoes for women, and as usual there will be a recommendation for smaller budgets, medium budgets, and larger budgets.

I will also point out my top choice of all time, but first let me explain why the correct running shoe is so important.  This is often never thought of, or even taken in to account …

There is so much more than throwing a pair of shoes on and feeling that they are comfortable.

Doing this alone opens the flood gates to bone, tendon, leg, back, and muscle injury, especially when the shoe that is oh so comfortable is not specifically engineered for running.

The majority of running shoes that you will try on inside a sports store will feel instantly comfortable; however their true test is of course when you hit the running track, pavement or perhaps the running trails.

Most runners realize after they have made their way through a couple pairs of running shoes that selecting one is not as easy as going with the most popular brand; there are various factors that need to be taken into consideration and while your running style has a lot to do with what kind of shoe you should select, there are at least a few shoes out there which deliver strongly on the basics.

So which designs are the best running shoes for women, here you go…

Selecting the Best Women’s Running Shoe: Road running or Trail running Shoes

Before we go discuss brands and products, there are a few things that you should know about running shoes themselves which can help you make the right decision.

Shoes that are designed for road running are a little different from those that are made for trails.

Road running shoes are best used for pavements or areas where a lot of irregularities may not be expected, although a little deviation into the fire roads or nature trails won’t destroy them.

These shoes are light with good cushioning which can prevent injury to the feet while running on a hard surface.

Trail running shoes on the other hand are designed for off road routes.

They look like beefier road running shoes with well built outsoles for better traction; they also provide a lot more stability and support which are very important when you are running on uneven grounds.

You should opt for these shoes if you routinely encounter rocks, obstacles, mud or holes in the ground.

The Mechanics of Running

Each runner instinctively develops a running style based on their physical construction, weight and the shape of their feet.

When you run, your heel will typically strike the ground first, after which the arch rolls over and flattens. Your foot then rolls a little to the outside in order to help propel the next step.

Runners will however experience different levels of this side way movement, here they are in a nutshell:

Pronation: Refers to the feet’s inward roll as the heels strike the ground. This natural movement helps to cushion the impact of each landing and ensuring that the knees or joints do not experience too much pressure.

Basic or neutral pronation is a desirable quality for efficient running.

Overpronation: Overpronation is the result of having flat feet.

This is obviously tilting a little too much to the side as you run. Overpronation is more common than what most people think and can lead to grievous injuries on the knees and/or ankles.

If you are prone to overpronation, then you need to look for running shoes which add more stability to your running.

Supination: Is the inverse of pronation and happens if the runner rolls the feet outwardly. Runners who supinate cannot manage the impact of running well and are prone to injuries.

Shoes with a lot of cushioning and flexibility are recommended for runners with a supinated style of running.

As you will no doubt be beginning to imagine, running shoes really need to be selected carefully as there is a lot of science which goes behind their construction.

For more on pronation, supination, and the motion of walking you can learn more here.

My 3 Best Running Shoes for Women

With the basics out of the way, let’s take a look at what options you have, there are numerous running shoes for women that can help you find that stride, but which are the best running shoes?

Some of the most common running shoes come from companies such as Nike, Asics, New Balance, and Brooks.

But, with so many to select from where do you begin?

I am here to help, that’s my job …

I have ran more miles in my life than you can shake a stick at, and here are my top 3 women’s running shoes:

Asics Gel Nimbus 15: (Smaller Budget)

asics gel nimbus 15










Asics continues to provide exceedingly fine quality footwear and with the Nimbus 15, they have nailed it yet again!

As an Asics owner, you might be tempted to ask what possible changes the already comfortable Nimbus 14 could be followed up with.

Asics indeed has kept the latest update more or less the same, with some modifications to the upper construction, which makes putting the shoe on a little bit more comfortable.

The sole unit in Nimbus 15 is more or less identical to the previous version, with some slight tweaks.

Runners who had Nimbus 14 complained about the position of the deep flex grooves present in the outsole region which were a little too flexible, causing them to transition from heel to toe rather fast. This resulted in discomfort when the runner had traveled some distance in them.

These problems have been addressed in Nimbus 15, however I still did notice a slightly faster transition in it, but also, I really did not find it as worrisome as I had anticipated after reading other people’s views on it.

The following are some of the advancements of the new Asics Gel Nimbus 15:

  • Fluidfit upper- which uses a higher amount of foam, makes for a far more comfortable glove like ride.
  • I.G.S Impact guidance system - that links all components in the shoe and provides an exceptionally smooth natural transition from heel strike to toe off.
  • Fluidride midsole - which uses good quantities of Gel in the midsole and forefoot for cushioning, allowing you to push yourself further than before.
  • Light weight reinforced vamp - for increased durability.
  • Plus 3 technology - which is a female gender specific technology that relieves achilles tension.
  • Rearfoot and forefoot gel - a cushioning feature that lessens impact shock and allows your foot to freely move through the gait cycle.
  • A new Personal Heel Fit - that uses memory foam to ensure a perfect fit for the heel.

The Verdict

Asics fans can rejoice! The Nimbus 15 is a worthy successor to the proud line and builds upon the success of its predecessors.

This is a very solid running shoe with tons of fantastic improvements.

The shoe can be purchased for a decent price, and given that the new shoe brings some new features, the price is pretty good.

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New Balance W587: (Medium Budget)

new balance w587









The W 587 from New Balance is built especially for women who have a tendency to overpronate while running.

Coming with New Balance’s trademark technologies such as Abzorb and C-Cap cushioning in the mid foot region which provides exceptional shock absorption.

The shoe provides excellent motion control and rear foot stability with its RollBar technology which has been integrated to address pronation and supination support.

The W87 also has a durable rubber outsole which is ideal for long lasting wear.

Here are some key features of the New Balance W587:

  • Abzorb heel and forefoot – a cushioning system that dramatically improves shock absorption throughout the entire range of motion.
  • Graphite rollbar - that provides great stability of your entire foot.
  • ENCAP midsole - placed in the heel to provide cushioning and added stability.
  • An extremely durable solid rubber outsole that will last forever.
  • Lightweight C-CAP forefoot - strategically place cushioning in the forefoot that provides extra comfort and stability.


As you can see, there is a ton of comfort to be found in these shoes.  This is one of the most comfortable womens running shoes you will find.

The durability of this shoe is amazing, and they will last you for a long time to come.

If you have a few extra dollars laying around this shoe will be well worth it.

The W587  is one of the best running shoes for women that is on the market today.

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Brooks Ariel: (Larger Budget)

Brooks ariel










The absolute best for last …

This is my all time favorite pair of women’s running shoes!

Brooks has a long history of providing some of the finest and best running shoes on the planet, and it holds true for the Brooks Ariel.

The Ariel is the feminine counter part of the Beast which is designed for men and carries on Brook’s legacy of providing shoes which offer excellent running experience.

Seasoned runners call their Ariel the finest motion control shoe ever, offering unmatchable stability and support.

With that in mind, Brooks have paved carefully and have not made overbearing changes to the basic design, in this sense, the Ariel is an evolutionary leap rather than a revolutionary one and comes with minor revisions such as wider overlays and extra midsole cushioning on the upper; these features have made an already stable shoe even more so.

Here are the main features of the Brooks Ariel:

  • An element upper - a very light mesh upper that provides weather resistance.
  • Internal support saddle - that secures your foot in place and provides extreme stability.
  • Moisture managing element sockliner - that provides a cool environment for your feet while keeping them dry throughout your run.
  • Full length BioMoGo midsole - a midsole cushioning technology that provides maximum comfort and does not get worn out.
  • DRB ACCELL midfoot shank - provides higher stiffness that produces excellent medial support along side a lighter lateral stiffness that promotes a very smooth ride.
  • MC pod design - which keeps your foot in its most stable position at all times, improving balance, responsiveness, and stability.
  • HPR plus outsole - that is indestructible and will last forever.

The Brooks Ariel comes in a stylish design and is ideal for women who require more than usual padding for their run.

From day one I knew this womens running shoe was special, and to this day is still my all time favorite.

It is priced a little more expensive than the 3 shoes we have discussed here, however given the amount of support it offers, women who have overpronating or supinating feet will really appreciate the added running comfort.

It is definitely worth the extra money, and will last longer than any running shoe you have ever owned.

This running shoe truly is a top of the line running shoe as you can see from the TONS of excellent reviews it has received!

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Any of these three shoes will do well to help you find your stride, make sure that you know how you run before making a decision though; all the products discussed above could be classed as superb running shoes for women and each will feel instantly comfortable, however you would really make the most of your investment if the shoe you go with are in line with your style of running.


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